We have a set of minimum requirements to make sure you and our customers have the best experience possible. During our application process, we will evaluate your personal computer to see if they meet those requirements. You can review the details below. There may be a chance that additional hardware is required after you go through these tech checks – if that’s the case, please do know that you’ll be responsible for obtaining the equipment.

Personal Information


Network Information

Device Information

To check your Windows PC hardware details, click on the Windows Start button, then click on Settings (the gear icon). In the Settings menu, click on System. Scroll down and click on About. On this screen, you should see specs for your processor, Memory (RAM), and other system info, including Windows version.

For MAC Users, choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click General in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.) Click About on the right, then click System Report. Tip: You can also press and hold the Option key, then choose Apple menu > System Information to open the system report.

Please include the version number
Windows: Select Start button > Settings > System > Storage.
MAC: Select Apple menu > System Settings > General > Storage > All Volumes.

Speed Test

Visit http://speedtest.net and click the options to perform a speed test of your service.
You can find this in the address bar of your browser or click the Link icon next to “SHARE” in the upper left corner of the screen